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My respects to all REAL sadists!!!


My name is Paul but you can call me pervert, rubbish, wanker or any other name you see fit to give me.

I am a REAL masochist, I love to be used and abused by cruel and sadistic men, women, couples and groups for their pleasure only!!! I really need to be beaten and tortured … NO LIMITS WHATSOEVER!!!

I have put some photos of me being abused but before looking at them, I respectfully invite you to read my profile article which describes exactly what I am capable of taking.

I also write stories and fantasies of men being tortured; they will be on another page.

Masters, Mistresses, if I please you, please contact me to arrange my punishment!!!



My profile and capabilities

DSC02990  DSC02994

I must tell you that I am a REAL masochist, a flasher and a filthy perverted slut!!! I love pain, being beaten and tortured, being humiliated (especially in public), by women who beat me and insult me in front of strangers. I have other disgusting perversions which I can’t mention here (if you want know more about them, contact me by email.

First of all, I love being brutally raped by groups of men (at least five) with huge fat cocks (I especially like being fucked by black guys). Their cocks needn’t be so long, although the longer the better, but they must be very, very fat to stretch and destroy my arsehole. I should be raped in front of groups of sadistic women who laugh, insult me and whip me as the men fuck me hard. I also love sucking big cocks, being throated, the men spunk down my throat and force me to swallow it all, they cum up me and shoot their loads deep into my hole. To finish with my arsehole, a few women should fist me savagely while other women whip my back and the men piss into my mouth (making me swallow it all of course) and over my face and hair. Once my arsehole is totally destroyed they then start on my filthy cock!!!

I keep my cock and balls shaved at all times, they are really smooth. I should be tied down solidly on my back with my legs spread wide. While men straddle me and deep throat me, I love women to push red hot needles slowly right through my cock and balls. The pain of the needles slowly penetrating my cock head is really fantastic!!! Then I love having my genitals doused with petrol and set light to. I’m also really into ballbusting … being hung by the wrists with my legs spread wide and a group of women kick me hard in the balls over and over again until they are swollen and black. The pain is excruciating so I take drugs beforehand to stop me passing out and so that I can really enjoy the full agony.

Like I said, I am also an exhibitionist so I love having my beatings and torture filmed and put on the net. I also love being paraded naked in public. For example, one time three sadistic women took me out to a forest where there is a gay meeting place. They paraded me naked with my wrists cuffed behind my back, whipping me as I stumbled along the path and they offered me to men who made me suck them and they raped me brutally.

Finally, my most earnest wish is to be castrated, to have my balls cut off slowly, without anesthetics them made to cook them and eat them in public. Naturally that should be filmed.

I live in Rouen in the north of France so if you would like to come here to use me, please contact me by email at …

I hope you enjoy the photos and videos and I await your orders Masters, Mistresses.


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